Chili Oven Fried Fish (with chili tartar sauce)

Friday fish fry is regional fare
Prepared tonight with chili flare
Inside, outside, upside down
Malt vinegar will make the ITP frown
Over, under, east, and west
Bet they’ll like chili tartar sauce best

day 129



1 lb bluegill and perch filets

Milk mix:

1 egg, beaten
¼ C milk

Chili flour mix:

½ C flour
1 T chili powder
½ t paprika
1 t Northwoods seasoning (Penzey’s)
1 t garlic pepper seasoning

Secondary toppings:

½ C crushed corn flakes
½ C crushed potato chips
• Note, these should be kept in separate shallow dishes, as they are distinct accoutrements.

Chili tartar sauce:

1/3 C mayonnaise
1 T pickle relish
1 t chili powder
½ t hot sauce


1) Thaw frozen fish and pat dry.
2) Dip filets in egg/milk mix.
3) Dip the dipped fish in the flour mix.
4) Next, dip the (now twice) dipped fish in the egg/milk mix.
5) Further, dip the (now thrice) dipped fish in crushed corn flakes OR crushed potato chips
6) Place prepared fish on a baking sheet and bake at 450F for 15 minutes

For chili tartar sauce:

– Mix sauce ingredients and serve with fish.

Chili Oven Fried Fish (with chili tartar sauce)

Chili Oven Fried Fish (with chili tartar sauce)

lake perch filets

lake perch filets

Tasting notes:

First a note on fire. I was desirous of an oven fried recipe, as pan fried fish become far too greasy for my taste. I had wanted to broil, but Mrs. Chili365 patiently reminded me that I had nearly arsonized* our home last year during an attempt to prepare broiled garlic bread. Dear, sweet Mrs. Chili365, you are most certainly are the embodiment of my better judgment. At your behest, baking it is.

Basically, this came down to a competition between the potato chip coating and the corn flakes. I favored the potato chips, but in the end, corn flakes drew even. The ITP pronounced the oven fried fish good. This recipe rated higher than did any of my pan fried fish recipes. The chili tartar sauce turned out only OK. It seems the relish flavor ruled the day. I had hoped for a condiment which was more “chili forward.” Regardless, the ITP was pleased that no malt vinegar was consumed during tonight’s repast.

*Tell me truly, is arsonized NOT a word? It seems to me that it most aptly describes the flames, smoke alarms, and charring which were intrinsic to my garlic bread “episode”.

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