Green Eggs and Ham Chili

Should your chickens wake you at 5:45am, Oh the places you’ll go! After yelling at the chickens, I took advice from the good Doctor Seuss and set about making green eggs and ham chili. Needing to wait until the grocer opened for business at 8am (to procure the green salsa), I decided to bide my time at my place of employment- away from the naughty chickens. If I ran the circus (or the zoo) it would likely be little different than my current occupation. On the other hand, it IS fun to have fun but you have to know how- that’s where chili comes in.

124 Days (124 chilis)


12 oz ham, diced
4 eggs
½ C green salsa
2 t chili powder
¼ t black pepper
¼ C fresh chives, chopped


1) Fry ham in a pot for 5 minutes.
2) Push ham to one side of the pot and add 4 eggs.
3) Fry eggs until nearly set then break yolks and stir eggs and ham together.
4) In a bowl, mix salsa, chili powder, and pepper.
5) Add salsa mix to the ham and eggs and heat just long enough to warm the salsa.
6) Add chives.
7) Serve with toast.

Green Eggs and Ham Chili

Green Eggs and Ham Chili

Note the green egg shells, bottom right.

Note the green egg shells, bottom right.

Tasting Notes:

Upon introducing this chili to the ITP, Mrs. Chili365 queried, “Well did you use green eggs to make it?” It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t checked. A quick glance of the compost pile confirmed that I had used 2 green eggs and 2 brown eggs. In the interest of accuracy, this is “green eggs, brown eggs and ham chili.” I totally flaked it on the color of egg issue. I was thinking ‘green’ for hue salsa and the shade of the chives. The reality is that two of our (misbehaving) hens actually lay green eggs, as they are an Americana breed of chicken. Too exhausted for lucidity today, must have brains in my feet and my head in my shoes.

The ITP’s impression of this chili mirrored my own- I would eat this chili in a box and I would eat it with a fox. That said, one condition would have to be met. The fox would need to bring 3 or 4 glasses of water. This chili was salty. The ham/salsa combo had the sodium meter red-lined. In truth, this chili would be immaculate IF we used low sodium ham and a “less saline” salsa. Even with its brackish bite, the chili was still pretty good, though it does make me wish I were taking licks in lakes Luke Luck likes.

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