Giddy Up Italian Chili Brats

Try as I may, I could not hollow out these sausages. The ultimate result had all the appearances of a series of vasectomies performed by a physician suffering from a particularly vicious episode of delirium tremens. Whoa. Sorry. Now, push that awful visual away. That’s right, find your happy place. Ok, that’s better. Let’s start over.

The calendar indicates May. More grilling is at hand. Bratwurst are the meat du jour and hollowing this sausage out “Sammy Sosa Style” isn’t an option, as they are too gooshy, even when frozen. (Besides, corking these for the express purpose of hitting homeruns during “batting practice” would be an exercise in futility.) We NEED chili and I am a man- a man of action. I cut slits, I chop onions and peppers, I season, I make fire. Let’s eat.


5 Bratwurst (1 lb)
1 C onion, chopped
1 fresh jalapeno, diced
½ C spaghetti sauce
½ C mild salsa
1 T chili powder
1 t Mexican oregano
1 t garlic powder


1) Upon failing to hollow the sausages Philly Blunt style, cut two lengthwise slits in each.
2) Place bratwurst on aluminum foil. Make sure that you have enough such that there is a double length. You’ll place the “chili” on one half and then fold the second half over this, thus enveloping the chili goodness.
3) Top with onion and jalapeno.
4) In a cup, mix remaining ingredients.
5) Kneed the mix from step 4 into the onions, peppers, and vasectomized bratwurst.
6) Fold the foil such that the chili is sealed in an aluminum envelope (OF goodness).
7) Grill, baby, grill- until the food is done. I believe this took 30 minutes over a medium-low charcoal fire. Or, if you tell time by beer- 2 beers, eh.
8) Serve on buns.

Giddy Up Italian Chili Brats.  Fresh off the Grill.

Giddy Up Italian Chili Brats. Fresh off the Grill.

Nurse- Scalple, Forrrcepppss, oh no.

Nurse- Scalple, Forrrcepppss, oh no.

Giddy Up Italian Chili Brats

Giddy Up Italian Chili Brats

Tasting Notes:

I’m feeling generous, as the result of this chili was an unqualified success (go ahead and ask the ITP). On account my feeling magnanimous, I will first apologize to Sammy Sosa and next to any physician suffering from DTs. Sorry and Sorry.

If you can get your hands on some sausage, try this recipe. In our hands, the resulting meal was fantastic. The sweet/spicy intermeshing of spaghetti sauce and salsa produced a profoundly satisfying experience. It turned out to be a fantastic day, as the Pirate had an extremely successful triathlon. To boot, the grilling experience was nearly legendary. (Remember, any day spent running and grilling far surpasses any day spent at work).

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