Slow Cooker Tender Elk Chili

Sick and tired of your drab, dull kitchen? Why not “spice” things up? Drop a pile of turmeric all over your counter, cabinets, and floor. You’ll go from lackluster to screaming highlighter yellow in one fell swoop. Yes, nothing shrieks “home” like the appearance of a mustard apocalypse. Your honor, I swear the teaspoon was balanced well and not in a precarious manner. The forces of gravity must have temporarily reversed, hurdling the measuring spoon and distributing its unflaggingly ochre contents all over the kitchen. THIS is what I get for trying to jam a chili prep into a day already over-stuffed with activity. Between Pre’s concert and the packet pick-up for the Pirate’s triathlon, I was moving double time while screwing things up exponentially. Boy, Mrs. Chili 365 is going to be thrilled when she sees her new kitchen.

Day 122

¼ C flour
1 T chili powder
1 t turmeric (try not to spill, it’s really in your best interest)
½ t garlic pepper seasoning.
1 ½ T butter, divided
1 lb Elk stew meat, cut into small cubes (no elk, no problem, use beef)


1) Mix flour, chili powder, turmeric, garlic pepper in a ziplock bag.
a) Optional step- If you’d like your kitchen to look like about a million daffodils exploded in it, spill the turmeric
2) In a bowl, melt 1 T of butter in the microwave.
3) Coat elk meat with melted butter.
4) Drop buttered meat in the bag containing seasoning and shake to coat.
5) Place coated meat in a slow cooker.
6) Melt ½ T of butter in the microwave.
7) Drizzle melted butter on top of elk meat.
8) Set the slow cooker to “high” and cook for 3 hours.
9) Serve with rice.

Slow Cooker Tender Elk Chili.

Slow Cooker Tender Elk Chili.

Tasting Notes:

I’ll get to the notes in a minute. At this afternoon’s concert the kids sang a rousing version of Peter, Paul, and Mary’s “If I Had a Hammer”. My mind tends to drift and I began to wonder if the 1960s chart-toppers were really set on “Peter, Paul and Mary” for the name of their vocal act. What I mean is- had they considered altering the order of the names? I quickly went through all the permutations and realized that ALMOST any sequence would work. I would have avoided Mary, Paul, and Peter, though. (Say it fast a few times..)

Okay, tasting notes:

The Involuntary tasting Panel really liked this chili. I believe, in their eyes, this has been the best in some time. That’s actually saying quite a bit, as we’ve had some good chilis. I did get a couple of confusing signals, however. Chili Jr. let me know that the chili was “really spicy, but not spicy at all,” while The Pirate sang a stirring rendition of “Every Chili’s Awesome” (I do wonder about her). That said, I liked it, as the dish had enough flavor and a pleasingly moist texture. Quite enjoyable indeed. As for the kitchen, things are so-so. When Mrs. Chili365 is angry it’s always good to try a little love and tenderness. When that fails, which, inevitably, it will, try serving some tender elk chili.

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