Oven Fried Chili Chicken Thighs

On the night we grilled chili chicken thighs, I had great time. So great in fact, that I ended up sleeping in the clothes I had worn while running the marathon. Somewhere in all the merriment and exuberance, I completely flaked it on taking a shower. Oops. At least I remember my cooking turning out well. In fact, if my adrenaline-warped and beer-addled recollection is accurate, then the chili chicken thighs were a smashing success. While I’d love to precisely relive Saturday in its entirety (including the meals), living in the past isn’t a wise investment for the future. With this in mind, tonight I’m making chili in the present. I’ve altered a few ingredients and the “now” chili chicken thigh dish is delectably oven-fried with a generously heaving pile of chili seasonings and cornflakes.

Day 121


Seasoning mix:

1 C crushed cornflakes (that is, the volume of the flakes when crushed. This would equate to roughly 2 C of uncrushed flakes)
1 T chili powder
1 t sugar
1 t paprika
½ t coriander
½ t garlic salt
¼ t jalapeno

Chicken dip:
1 egg
¼ C milk
1 t lime juice
1 t sriracha sauce

1 ½ lbs chicken thighs


1) Mix seasoning ingredients in a 1 gal. ziplock bag.
2) In a large bowl, mix “chicken dip” ingredients by means of an egg beater.
3) Soak chicken thighs in the dip for 5 minutes.
4) Drop dipped chicken in the ziplock containing seasoning.
5) Shake to coat.
6) Store coated bag of coated chicken in the refrigerated (flat) for 45 minutes.
7) Bake chicken 1 hour at 350.

Oven Fried Chili Chicken Thighs

Oven Fried Chili Chicken Thighs

Oven Fried Chili Chicken Thighs, All dressed up and ready to cook.

Oven Fried Chili Chicken Thighs, All dressed up and ready to cook.

Tasting Notes:

The Involuntary Tasting Panel are indeed a curious lot. Tonight’s recipe featured savory, moist chicken with a spicy, crunchy coating. I expected glowing reviews. The feedback I received was a bit of a mixed bag (and disappointment). While the chicken itself scored big with its moistness and tenderness, the coating was widely panned for being too crunchy or too spicy. It turns out, the ITP enjoyed Saturday’s grill iteration better. My two cents- tonight’s meal was awesome- one of the best chilis I’ve made all year. I have never made chicken that tastes this good. Well, not without a grill. The coating was imbued with just the right chili zip and its texture was spot on. Fact is, I’m sufficiently excited about this recipe- adequately psyched enough to result in my need for a cold shower.

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5 Responses to Oven Fried Chili Chicken Thighs

  1. Hi,
    I like this recipe very much. Its quite simple to follow and instructions are great. Also looks healthy as its done in the oven. I have tried chicken with breadcrumbs but this is the first time with the corn flakes..:)

    • spasture says:

      Thank you. This represents the first time I have successfully used cornflakes as coating. It really did turn out well. One possible suggestion- to further lower the fat and cholesterol, the skin could be removed from the chicken thighs.

      • Oh thanks for letting me know. I usually don’t eat the skin as I don’t like the taste of it but thanks anyways. Will look forward to some of your more posts 🙂

  2. stuschmidt1 says:

    Sounds delicious! Good call on the sriracha sauce 🙂

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