Chicken Chili Cheese Poofs (CCCP)

A delicious appetizer, I present Chicken Chili Cheese Poofs, my version of the CCCP. These are not to be confused with the union republics once known as the CCCP (AKA the Soviet Union). Should you have trouble telling the difference between the two, I’m publishing a handy guide. Here are some highlights: 1) Stretching through 11 times zones and occupying 1/6 of the planet’s land mass, the former Soviet Union is larger than Chicken Chili Cheese Poofs. 2) The Soviet Union launched Sputnik, while the poofs resemble Sputnik. 3) The Soviets won Olympic silver in Men’s Ice hockey in 1980. The chicken chili cheese poofs have never played hockey, but are an American invention. The US won gold in hockey that year. If we employ some titanic hyperbole, chicken chili cheese poofs are a “skate up” on our Soviet friends. 4) The Chicken Chili Cheese Poofs taste better than does the USSR. “Nuff said.

120 Consecutive Days of Chili

3 cans (5 oz) white chicken meat in buffalo sauce
2 T diced fresh jalapeno
1 T Chili powder
½ t garlic powder

1 tube (13.8 oz) Pillsbury Classic Pizza Crust

¾ C small cubes of cheese


1) Mix chicken, jalapeno, chili powder, and garlic powder in a pot.
2) Simmer for 5 minutes
3) Roll out pizza crust and cut into 16 small square.
4) Place squares of uncooked crust on a baking sheet.
5) To each square, add ~ 1T of chicken chili mix and 1 t of cheese. (You’ll have leftover chili. Yay.)
6) Bake at 400F for 15 minutes.

Chicken Chili Cheese Poofs

Chicken Chili Cheese Poofs

No, I actually did quite well in high school geometry.  Thank you for asking.

No, I actually did quite well in high school geometry. Thank you for asking.

Tasting Notes:

These morsels packed Soviet-sized chili flavor in a savory crust. As an appetizer today’s dish totally hit the mark by virtue of their succulence and portability. With luck, the CCCP will also be sustaining, as the ITP embarks on their track and field season this evening and this is all I fed them. With a hustle in the air, it is good to note that this recipe can be prepared very rapidly and with a minimum of effort. The ITP was (finally) openly effusive with their praise, as they vigorously communicated their adoration for my CCCP. How’s that for Glasnost?

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