Race Recovery Fish and Corn Chili

Some 50 hours post-marathon I have very little muscle soreness and I’m experiencing no perceivable fatigue. In fact I’ve already gone on two really good runs. Indeed, I feel guilty for feeling this good. What’s to thank for this aberrant post-race comfort and vigor? Chili*every*single*day.
More on chili later and back on the subject of guilt. It is with steadfast remorse I relate that we again are having Swai in our chili. My contrition stems not from the Swai’s lack of flavor (it tastes great) or any nutrient deficiency (it packs plenty of protein), but it stems from the fact that I feel terrible for Swai. I am uncertain of the fish’s nation of origin, but clearly it has spent a great deal of time swimming in the ugly pond (if you know what I mean). I just can’t help but feel bad for this freak-show with scales and gills. On the other fin, Swai is one animal that actually looks better as chili, so perhaps I should deep 6 the penitence.

Howdy good looking.  Come here often?

Howdy good looking. Come here often?

DAY 118


1 C green pepper, diced
1 C fresh tomato, diced
1 Lb cut up fish (We used Swai of course)
2 T chili powder
1 t cumin
1 t paprika
2 C vegetable juice
1 can (15 oz) whole kernel corn, drained


1) To a pot, add all ingredients, except juice and corn.
2) Mix to coat fish and vegetables with seasoning.
3) Fry for 5 minutes to sear flavor into fish and vegetables.
4) Add vegetable juice and simmer on medium heat for 5 minutes.
5) Turn heat down to very low and simmer for 1 hour.
6) Add corn and simmer an additional five minutes.
7) Serve with buttered toast.

Race Recovery Fish and Corn Chili

Race Recovery Fish and Corn Chili

Tasting Notes:

The Involuntary tasting Panel likes seafood. This chili did not disappoint. All thought the chili “good” and each had a suggestion for improvement:

Mrs Chili365- “add beans, please”
Chili Junior- “more fish”
Pre- “crisper fish”
The Pirate- “Less spicy”

I feel this chili was pretty good. I agree that room for improvement exists here. I’d like to see this chili less soupy- perhaps less vegetable juice and more (unsightly) fish. Alright, okay, I’ll back off our homely friend the Swai for now. Anyway, it is time to return to chili as a performance enhancer. Here is my open invitation to the makers of Clif Bars- collaborating on a protein packed and *chili flavored* carbohydrate replacement gel (a la the Clif Shot product line) will make us both a pile of cash. Shoot me an email so we can get started. (Seriously, we should do this. I mean, swai not?) If I don’t hear from you in two weeks, I’ll reach out to that GU company. Certainly, they’ll take the bait.

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