Chili Chicken and Asparagus Lo Mein

Here is a simple recipe that intermingles a handful of common ingredients to forge a flavorful meal acropolis. This Lo Mein combines a Gordian knot of al dente pasta, sweet succulent asparagus, and the confident seduction of chili-seasoned chicken. Envelope this handsome tangle of flavor in sweet and salty sauce and revel in chili chicken and asparagus lo mein splendor.

Day 114

1 olive oil
12 oz Asparagus cut into 1 inch lengths
1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast, cut into small chunks
½ C red onion
1 California chile, cut into small chunks and rehydrated
1T chili powder
2 C cooked angel hair pasta
2 t sugar
2 t fish sauce
2 t soy sauce


1) Fry asparagus in olive oil until it turns bright green
2) Remove asparagus from pan to clean bowl and set aside.
3) Fry chicken, onion, chili powder, and reconstituted chile in a pan until the chicken is cooked through and the seasonings are quite fragrant.
4) In a cup, mix sugar, fish sauce, and soy sauce.
5) Add cooked noodles, sauce mix, and cooked asparagus to the pan containing chicken.
6) Fry for 5 minutes on low.

Chili Chicken and Asparagus Lo Mein

Chili Chicken and Asparagus Lo Mein

Tasting Notes:

There have been chilis during the past 114 days where I was thinking- please, please ITP, eat it all up, I don’t want any leftovers. (The “leftover vegetable chili” from April 15th immediately comes to mind, as just yesterday I finally finished that beast, after consuming *no less* than 8 full servings. It appears that the “leftover” in the recipe’s title has demonstrated a prescience I WISH I was not capable of.) Tonight’s chili chicken and asparagus lo mein stirred the opposite emotion. I was intending to have a bowl for a bedtime snack and waited with fingers crossed to see if our supplies would hold out. No such luck. The Involuntary Taste Panel loved it as much as I. In the future I’ll double the recipe, as Chinese cuisine and chili make for my two favorite leftovers.

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