Chili Salmon Burgers

Heads up- tomorrow we’ll be dining on chipotle chili cheese burgers. This being at Pre’s behest, as birthdays, by my tabulation, come but once a year we’ll let him pick his poison, er, chili. Today’s chili is both a matter of convenience and an excuse to hone my patty-making skills. Salmon is aggressively marketed as a smart choice for a healthy lifestyle. Well, it ain’t a bad choice for those dogmatically adherent to the jet-set “chili” lifestyle neither. Conjointly, I seek “main” dish to serve as wingman for a ginormous pile of hashbrowns.

Day 109


1 can (14.75 oz) Pink Salmon (drained and flaked)
1 C crushed oyster crackers
½ C finely chopped green onions
¼ C ketchup
1t lime juice
1 T chili powder
¼ t cumin
½ t garlic salt
2 eggs, beaten
2T olive oil


1) Combine all ingredients (with the exception of olive oil).
2) Form salmon mixture into 5 patties
3) Fry patties in olive oil, turning once.
4) Serve on toasted English muffin.

Chili Salmon Burger (no actual hotdogs were harmed in making this dish. )

Chili Salmon Burger
(no actual hotdogs were harmed in making this dish. )

Tasting Notes.

At the outset of the exercise I was unnerved by the gooey-ness of the raw patties. As luck would have it (and as the proteins in the eggs coagulated) the patties set quite nicely. Pre, Chili Junior, and Mrs. Chili365 dutifully ate the chili. My sense, confirmed later, was that they found the chili salmon burgers tolerable but not outstanding. One interesting note is that the Missus ate the chili with tartar sauce. Weird for some but with her, nothing is shocking. The Pirate was convinced the chili salmon burgers smelled like cat food. I didn’t argue but offered a retort, “Go ahead and eat it, salmon is, uh, like the ‘hotdog of the sea’.” Whatever THAT was supposed to mean to her, I wasn’t sure, but it worked and she downed the patty. PERHAPS the salmon lobby should drop this unsubstantiated nonsense regarding omega-3 fats and instead hitch their wagon to the mighty frankfurter’s star. (Salmon people- Let’s talk, I have a couple of jingles already roughed out. As a bonus, I work for CHEAP- just as the g-men.) Anyway, I thought the patty was pretty good but I am very much looking forward to tomorrow’s beef burgers.

The good: Salmon is the hot dog of the sea.

The bad: Nothing stood out about this chili. Think of it as a modern-day Michael Dukakis.

Suggestions for improvement: Jalapenos? Beef? Plastic surgery? Pickle relish and a poppy seed bun?

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