Sweet Chili Sweet Potatoes

We are quickly rolling up on 100 consecutive days of chili. Holy sh*t. Chili mania has gripped the household and the kids have retained an actuary to predict the identity of each forthcoming chili. (Word is, Vegas wants in on the act. Stay tuned.) My latest fixation (apart from the glass pie pan) has been alphabet chili. We have eaten our way through A, B, and C. I will be making the “D” chili soon, but first an aside. A side dish, that is. For me, any time is a good time to grill. It has now, however, reached the point in the year at which is a good time for a sensible person to grill. Grilled sweet potatoes are an excellent side dish, especially when coated with chili.

Day 96

2 medium sweet potatoes (about a pound) peeled and bias cut*
½ C mild salsa (I used Spike’s)
2 T brown sugar
1 T chili powder


1) Place bias cut sweet potatoes in an aluminum pie dish (Mrs. Chili365 took the glass one away).
2) Combine remaining ingredients in a coffee mug and mix well.
3) Pour chili salsa over sweet potatoes
4) Cover pie dish with foil
5) Grill over moderate heat for 20-25 minutes.
6) Serve with pork and salad, and a beer.

• Bias slicing the sweet potatoes is important, as it makes them taste even better…and it makes them look like spaceships.

Sweet Chili Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Chili Sweet Potatoes

Tasting Notes:

The sweet chili sweet potatoes were a hit, solely with Mrs. Chili365 and me. None of the junior ITP members cared for them. No worries, that left more for us. I found the sweet and tangy flavor spot on- a robust complement to the starchy orange sugariness of the sweet potatoes. One thing that could improve this already solid offering, is transforming it to a snack chip. It would be outstanding, provided the chips were shaped like UFOs.

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