Chorizo and Egg Chili

Day 89

I awoke to the immediacy of four disparate, yet somehow interrelated realities. I would classify each as “bad”, but by varying degrees. 1) An excruciating headache 2) An alarmingly sticky kitchen floor 3) 5 gallons of beer NOT in a state of active fermentation 4) A Gordon Lightfoot song playing (repeatedly) in my mind.


10 oz Chorizo- the real stuff
¾ C diced canned tomatoes
1/3 C vegetable juice
1T chili powder
½ t garlic powder
½ t rosemary
¼ t sage
4 eggs


1) Fry chorizo in a pan, drain off fat.
2) Add the remaining ingredients, excluding the eggs. Simmer for 20 minutes.
3) While chili simmers, fry eggs on a clean skillet, breaking the yolks.
4) Cut fried eggs into strips with a spatula.
5) Add eggs to chili and simmer for 1 minute.
6) Serve over hash browns.

Chorizo and egg chili

Chorizo and egg chili

Tasting notes:

Reading the ingredients on the chorizo label did nothing but add to my growing discomfort. At least the ibuprofen and a cup of coffee took down the headache. With regard to the La Brea tar pit (AKA our kitchen floor), I pushed a skeletal woolly mammoth out of the way and commenced with some intense spot cleaning. More good news- the fledging brew initiated active fermentation after some vigorous shaking and a good bit of waiting. As for Gordon Lightfoot, why fight it? It was high time I embraced the until-now-completely-ignored “Canadian Folk Singer” side of my personality. Look out world. As for today’s chili offering- “I don’t know where (the chili) went wrong, but the feeling’s gone and I just can’t get it back.” If you could read my mind (love), you’d see the chili wasn’t that good. Everyone gave it a “meh”. For better breakfast chili options, look here
or here

Full disclosure-  This the is hair of the dog.  It had me belting out "Carefree Highway this morning at 100 dB.  I wonder why the neighbors are ignoring me today?

Full disclosure- This is the hair of the dog. It had me belting out “Carefree Highway” this morning at 100 dB. I wonder why the neighbors are ignoring me today?

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3 Responses to Chorizo and Egg Chili

  1. Andy says:

    Are you alright? That does sound like a bad day. I regret leading you astray. No good, huh? If you say so. I’m still a believer, in fact I’m looking forward to the last bowl of Hannah’s second batch of chorizo chili this year for lunch today. I’ve got a few gallons in my tank. It’s nothing new; “normal” chili base plus corn, black beans, & pork sausage (whose ingredients won’t freak you out), pretty routine. Your head trap had nothing to do with basketball, did it? Saturday night was anything but dull. They were just good enough. Sunshine ahead. How long has it been? It’ll be no cakewalk. They’ve got to do well at the charity stripe. It’s not that simple [of a] solution though. Clean officiating would be nice but someone’s got to lose.

    • spasture says:

      What are lymph nodes, apart from “chewy”?

      • Andy says:

        I don’t know if I’m anxious or reluctant to scan the ingredients on the brand we use. Haven’t you ever heard the phrase “you don’t want to see how sausage is made”? C’mon, the phrase natural casing should probably never be appealing. If you could read my label love, what a tale these brats could tell…

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