Chili Fried Elk

Day 84

Something about pan frying induces acute beer cravings. The homebrewed double barrel IPA makes for a steady, comforting companion as I ply my (limited) culinary talents in making our 85th consecutive chili. The concept for this recipe was again gleaned from the keen insight and intellect of an 8-year old. Though I righteously did not share any homebrew with her, I did allow her to stake a claim on this chili’s formula. We used Elk chops, but if you have no one in your family who is skilled at using artillery, you could use thin cuts of beef steak. (Cheater).
• Plan ahead, needs to marinate.

In a food storage container mix:

– ¾ pound Elk chops
– ½ C chili sauce (store purchased, on a whim)

Incubate in the refrigerator 9 hours.

Prepare the coating by mixing the following:

– ½ C crushed oyster crackers
– ½ C flour
– 1 T chili powder
– 1 T dried onion flakes
– 1 t cumin

Coat the marinated chops with the coating mix and allow to rest.
Heat in a pan:

– 1 C vegetable oil

Fry the coated chops in hot oil, roughly 7 minutes per side or until cooked through.

Chili Fried Elk

Chili Fried Elk

Tasting notes:
With the remaining coating mix, I attempted chili onion rings. Here’s how it went down:
– Slice ~ ¼ pound of white onion
– Coated with ¼ C chili sauce
– Threw into container and vigorously mixed with coating
– Fried in left over oil
The chili fried Elk chops tasted great. The only drawback was that eating the chops necessitated the use of a sharp knife. The younger ITP members found this challenging, to the extent that I really wished I was wearing a Kevlar sweater (and an athletic cup). Eventually we arrived at the conclusion that meat should arrive pre-perforated. If our petition goes through, look for perforated meat in a store near you- coming sometime this summer. The onion rings were another matter. They ended up as fried onions with a side of chili coating. Our 13 year old succinctly stated- “chili onion rings, some assembly required.” They were pleasing to the taste buds, but not to the eyes. Why, oh, why can’t I get coating to stick to onions?

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