Chili Bliss

Day 82
It was razor’s edge, but we narrowly avoided having tofu chili tonight. With 82 consecutive days of unique chili recipes already behind us, I was scuffling badly and needing some chili inspiration. That’s when Mrs. Chili365 and I put our heads together. I got the worst end of it, that being a cranial contusion the size a boreal owl. (She’s as beautiful as she is hard-headed). As swelling began to subside and the mental fog rolled out to sea, we came up with the basis for what will certainly be canonized as one of the best, in our year of chili.

In a pot brown:

– ½ pound of ground beef, do not drain

Add to the pot:

– 1 C Canned corn, drained
– ½ C green olives, sliced
– ¼ C reconstituted dried California chiles, sliced (see note)
– 1 T chili powder
– ½ t cumin
– 1 ½ C vegetable juice
– 2 T pizza sauce

Simmer on low 45 minutes


– 1 ¼ C diced fresh Roma tomatoes
– ½ C diced green onions (green and white portions)

Simmer for 5 more minutes.

Serve over cooked egg noodles

• Note on reconstituting chiles- I like to first stem and de-seed the chiles. I then use a kitchen scissors to cut them into short, fine ribbons. The ribbons are next added to a mug containing boiling water. They’ll soak in the covered mug for 15-30 minutes, until they are soft. At that point, the water is drained and the chiles are ready for use.

Bliss Chili

Bliss Chili

Tasting notes: Described by the ITP as sweet and salty and yummy, the recipe can be humbly dubbed a big success. One ITP member managed to pour chili down shirt sleeves as a reward for his zealous attempts to (too) quickly become one with the chili. (One with the chili- nothing else matters.) I jest not, no hyperbole was used (and no guinea pigs harmed) in writing those words. Give this recipe a flight, owl bet you’ll like it.

Note in press- I wrote this and then returned to the kitchen for another bowl of chili. Skunked. Looks like I write too slowly (oh yeah, and, to reiterate, the chili WAS really good).

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