Pork and Chili Pinwheels

Day 75

Necessity is the mother of invention. Case in point, when someone thaws 4 ¾ pounds of pork tenderloin, it is necessary to invent at least 4 recipes that incorporate pork tenderloin. Today’s contrivance- pork and chili pinwheels. Nothing screams spring like pinwheels.
For the Chili:
Brown in a pot (and drain)
– ½ pound ground beef

Add to the pot:

– ¼ C diced fresh jalapenos
– ¼ C Barbeque sauce (we used Cookie’s)
– ¼ C cocktail sauce
– 1 T chili powder
Simmer for 20 minutes on low.
Allow to cool.

Cut into 6-8 thin slices:

– 12 oz of pork tenderloin.
– Season with garlic pepper seasoning
Wrap chili in tenderloin slices, secure with tooth picks.

Bake on 375F for 20-30 minutes or until done

Pork and Chili Pinwheels

Pork and Chili Pinwheels

Flesh Tacos

Flesh Tacos

Pork and Chili Pinwheels, a start

Pork and Chili Pinwheels, a start

Tasting Notes:

First, you can add “making pork pinwheels” to the (ever growing) list of tasks I find challenging/next to impossible. Man, these bad boys look more like pork and chili tacos than pinwheels. Unsettling aesthetics aside, the dish tasted fantastic (ITP concurred). The pork remained supple and juicy while the chili pitched in with a sweet and mildly spicy flavor. Perhaps for the second iteration of this recipe, I can convince Cheech and Chong to give the pinwheels a tighter roll.

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3 Responses to Pork and Chili Pinwheels

  1. Julia says:

    This is Miss Julia here, I would like to say that I spell jalapeños, “holypeenoes” as in “holypeenoes” this pepper is hot!

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