Root (Down) Vegetable and Bacon Chili

Day 72

With today’s chili, we mark the 1/5 point in the YOC (Year of chili.) 20% of 2014 is in the books- 73 unique chili recipes. One unanticipated consequence of this daily chili binge has been my developing a sweet tooth. During the past two months, I have begun crave things like cake, cookies, and sugary cereal. This quotidian consumption of chili coupled with my frenzied ingestion of sweets has me concerned. The fear is that if I keep this up, my T-shirts will begin to think they are being worn by Aaron Neville. As yet, I haven’t gained a pound, with 292 days remaining. For insurance, I may be forced to delve deeper into Lydiard’s training regimens for distance runners. For today, however, I’ll try synthesizing a nutritious chili, as three-a-day runs in March are a bit aggressive. To offset all the “nutrition” of vegetable chili (i.e. blandness- see yesterday’s Venn diagram), I advocate bacon.

1 ½ C celeriac, cubed (why celeriac? Sometimes strange things make it into my shopping cart.)
1 ¼ C rutabaga, cubed (why rutabaga? It’s a funny name.)
1 C carrots
2.5 oz precooked, real bacon pieces
1T chili powder
1 T rosemary
1 T minced dried onion
1 T garlic powder
1 t tarragon
1 t coriander
1 t mural of flavor (Penzey’s)
2 t chicken bullion
2 C water
1 can (14 oz) diced tomatoes with juice)

Add to slow cooker, cook on low 9 hours.

Root Down Vegetable Bacon Chili

Root Down Vegetable Bacon Chili

Tasting notes.

I thought some cookies would hit the spot after dinner tonight. Funny thing is, when I attempted to verbalize this desire it came out as “I could really go for some rich, chocolaty chili.” My word- it is all beginning to slip.
The chili turned out well in the sense that it must have been nutritious, with all the freaking vegetables in there. My two largest complaints were 1) not nearly spicy enough and 2) not even remotely bacony enough. (Microsoft- Why does spell checker hate the word bacony? The mere utterance of this term brings precious joy and harmonious purpose to the lives of so, so many.) The root down vegetable bacon chili’s taste was actually quite savory with much of the flavor imparted by the celeriac. The suggested improvements would be less celeriac, more rutabaga; less rosemary, more cayenne; and less tarragon and more bacon, bacon, bacon. It really needs more bacon. 3 or 4 ITP liked it. Good for them, but they too probably thought it should be more overtly bacony.

Taste profile- perceived vs. desired.

Taste profile- perceived vs. desired.

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4 Responses to Root (Down) Vegetable and Bacon Chili

  1. Julia says:

    YOU should make a chili pie!

  2. spasture says:

    Right you are! I have created an Elk Chili Pie (January 28th) but I’d like to make something more toward the dessert side of the table. What do you think?

  3. Julia says:

    Do you mean like a triple-berry chili pie,(with ice cream on top) that you could have for desert? Or do you mean like a beef, cow patty pie which you would eat after dinner?

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