Chili Ribs on a Stick

Day 68

At long last, the weather appears to be breaking in our favor. Time to grill.
Naturally when the news of ribs on a stick broke, there were divergent aspirations among the populace. I was thinking, “chili ribs on a stick.” The thoughts of The Involuntary Taste Panel differed. Those thoughts went more like this: “Pie, pie on a stick. How come no one has invented pie on a stick? Let’s make pie on a stick.”
Tough to compete with pie, but I’ll try. Here, in (pie) graphical form, is the life cycle of ribs on a stick:

Percent of time spent in various phases

Percent of time spent in various phases

Step 1- Premarinade:
Mix in a bowl:
½ C tomato soup
1 T chili powder
¼ C diced white onion
½ C diced fresh cilantro
1 t Sriracha sauce
3 cloves of garlic, smashed
Allow the mixture to chill 10 hours in the refrigerator.

Step 2- Marinade:
Use the mix from step 1 to coat:
1 pound of boneless pork ribs (on a stick)
Incubate at 4 C for 7.5 hours.

Step 3- Grill.
Grab you favorite beverage and some charcoal and get out there.

Step 4- Eat.
(Remember, it’s chew first, then swallow.

Tasting notes. First off, I told the backyard hens that we’d be grilling. They totally wanted in. See below:

"We've come for the ribs"

“We’ve come for the ribs”

The ribs turned out quite nicely. Much of the glaze was charred off in the grilling process. No matter, it managed to impart enough chili flavor to make a solid impression. The ITP granted me all thumbs up on this one. They only requested (quite sensibly) that we consider doing 365 days of pie in 2015. Looks like I’d be forced to up the annual marathon tally well north of the typical number. This and schedule a few rounds preemptive angioplasty.

Chili Ribs on a stick on a grill

Chili Ribs on a stick on a grill

chili ribs on a stick

chili ribs on a stick

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One Response to Chili Ribs on a Stick

  1. Pluim says:

    Love the pic of the backyard hens!

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