Arroz con gandules y pollo chili

Day 64

Nothing prepares like preparation. That’s why crockpots are nice. A beleaguered chef need only to toss ingredients in a slow cooker, plug in and that’s it. This methodology generally equates to moderate success, but there are times when attentive preparation generates greater success. Attentiveness is not always a strength. I present as evidence an incident with my then-18 month old son. Busy in the kitchen (likely making chili, but this was a dozen years ago, so who knows), I had my back turned for what seemed like 10 seconds. When I turned around, my son had disappeared. I quickly found the little guy on our deck contemplatively and incrementally polishing off a pile of dead lady bugs. Undoubtedly, THIS is the formative experience that has shaped his palate. THIS is why this ITP member never complains about what we’re eating. He’s already consumed what must be the most foul and repugnant tasting meal obtainable. Upon further reflection, I will need to insist that any new Involuntary Taste Panel members endure something along the lines of a boot camp, wherein they must eat a heap of ladybug carrion. Yes, that will learn them.

Place in a slow cooker:
1 pound diced chicken breast
2/3 C bloody mary mix (Finally, it’s gone)
1 T chili powder
2/3 C raw jasmine rice
1 1/3 C water
1t chicken bullion
1 t dried onion flakes
1 t Mexican oregano
¼ C jalapeno, diced

Cook on low for 9 hours.

Transfer to a microwave safe bowl and add:

1 can of green pigeon peas, drained
1/3 C green olives, sliced

Microwave on high for 5 minutes.

Serve with sour cream and salsa. If you’d like, spread this inside of tortillas.

First a note on the title: On the in-case the backyard hens are reading this, I wrote the name of the recipe in Spanish. Our chickens don’t read Spanish. While I realize that the remainder of the recipe is in American English, the chickens will likely get bored trying to read Spanish title and navigate to a more suitable webpage or tweet or something.

rice with pigeon peas and chicken- chili

rice with pigeon peas and chicken- chili

Tasting Notes:

Greater attention would have served this dish well. Here’s what I would do differently: I would use parboiled rice for this. The jasmine rice did not hold up well to the 9 hours of slow cooking. It became mushy. The mushiness was acceptable, but it made the chili “spreadable.” I would also add far more olives. Salty, fatty, olives. Yum. I liked the chili, the salsa and sour cream did give it a boost.

Hey, I was able to sneak an entire can of pigeon peas into our meal. I had fretted needlessly that the ITP would sniff them out and refuse the entire dish. Two of the ITP stated that the dish tasted far better than it looked. Touche. That’s all fine because, to a member, the ITP really liked this chili. I guess for the time being, the sack-o-lady bugs remains in the freezer.

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