Strawberry Bacon Chili

Day 61
If Twain were alive and living at Casa de Chili, he’d quickly realize that THIS is the coldest winter he has ever spent. He also would be forced to eat chili with great frequency, likely making him not so thankful for fools. Whatever the case, it has been increasingly common to see frozen squirrels and rabbits around the Casa. With each frozen rodent sighting, my minds slips just_a_little_more. I present as evidence, today’s recipe:

1T butter
¼ C brown sugar
1 t chili powder
½ lb Strawberries, sliced
1 ½ Oz. precooked, predicted bacon

Melt butter in a pan.
Add sugar and chili powder, cook until the sugar melts.
Add strawberries and bacon bits.
Simmer for 10 minutes.
Serve over ice cream (we used butter pecan)

Strawberry bacon chili

Strawberry bacon chili

Tasting Notes:

The goal here was to create a fun ice cream topping that was at once sweet, salty, and chili. It turned out pretty well. One unanticipated flavor lurked in the background- that being tomato. The ITP were quick to pounce on this, claiming that I had finally made good on my long-standing pizza-flavored ice cream threat. Not so fast ITP, I’d make it with sausage and cheese. Believe me the MaMaMia Ice Cream is coming, just not yet. (As a heads-up, look for mustard, sauerkraut and pickle frozen confectioneries firs.) Our honored guest ITP was brave (and good-natured) enough to have seconds. I liked the strawberry bacon chili enough. The recipe suffers from circumstance, as it is far too frigid for ice cream.

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One Response to Strawberry Bacon Chili

  1. Pluim says:

    This guest ITP enjoyed the taste of salty/sweet. Quite refreshing/yummy!

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