Beanee Weenee Onion Ring Chili

Day 55

It had all started with a desperate phone call. It culminated when one of the Involuntary Taste Panel misread the open cans and plaintively queried, “It says beer wiener, why should I eat this?” My mind raced, desperately searching for a clever quip. Nothing. Probably best to leave this one alone, as beer wiener (which, incidentally, is NOT the same thing as beanie weenee) should not be the topic de jour on the school playground tomorrow.

A meeting at work had set me back a few hours. I wish there was some way I could lie torpid during meetings. Already contributing nothing to the banal dialog, in hibernation at least I won’t be forced to feign serenity. Bottom line-I was running late, which was the impetus for the panicked phone call. Mrs. Chili365 listened intently to my expeditious instructions and hung up the phone. Today required a chili which could be prepared rapidly and I had hatched a plan. Within 13 minutes of my arrival, the chili was ready to eat. (Mrs. Chili365 had precooked the onion rings.) I’d have had it on the table in under eight minutes, however, it took me 5 minutes to find the second can of beanie weenee. Seems that one of the ITP had hidden it. (For real- hiding fine VanCamp’s products. Who does that?)

2 cans Beanee weenee
½ C petite diced tomato
2 T ketchup
1 T yellow mustard
1 t garlic powder
1 t paprika
2 t chili powder
20 0z Onion Rings-cooked

Combine all ingredients (save the onion rings) in a microwave safe bowl and mix them.
Cover and microwave on high (most high) for 5 minutes.

Beanee weenee onion ring chili

Beanee weenee onion ring chili

What does it say on the can?

What does it say on the can?

Tasting notes:
As gentle steam wisped playfully over the bowl of beans and franks, Mrs. Chili365 commented “Well, it looks warm.” A fairly low bar indeed, but such modest expectations do well to keep us out of marriage counselling.
Appearance and incalescence aside, this chili is quick and easy to make. We all enjoyed the highly-engineered beanie weenee base zap-infused with the fairly standard chili accoutrements. Even the mis-reading ITP got it up enough to try this chili. (He liked it, hey Mikey.)

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