Chili Topped Omelets

Day 54

After a morning of running around frozen lakes in an attempt to gain at least a tenuous grip on self-actualization (in the face of another yet Canadian gold in Olympic hockey), I was looking for a hearty, yet easy to prepare brunch. Omelets sounded good, but let’s be honest- I’m a chili guy. I don’t have the patience required for the foofy omelet-making process. Nope, I’m not about to beat the eggs or fold them over in a frou-frou manner. People use that poof to cover for inferior eggs. I’ll be using the eggs from the backyard flock. (In the interest of accuracy, all the eggs come from a single, hardworking Black Australorp named Sarah. Her coop-mates have yet to kick in this winter- a dangerous strategy, as I am prone to making chicken chili on occasion.) Hen-ocidal rant aside, the fact is this- good eggs need only to be fried- that’s it. Turning away from omelet proselytization, I carefully reasoned that chili would taste good over good eggs. Secondarily, I was aiming for a warming effect, as my core temperature was lowered by hours out in the bracing wind. In the spirit of the KISS principle, I wanted to keep this one simple. I’ll be assembling a more complex meal later, as I have promised the ITP regular (AKA non-chili) (sigh) hamburgers this evening.

½ pound ground beef
¾ C mild salsa (We used Red Gold. It tastes fantastic and won’t break the bank)
2 t chili powder
½ t garlic salt
Dash of pepper
Shredded cheese.

Brown the meat and drain the fat.
Add salsa, chili powder, garlic salt and simmer 15 minutes
Set chili aside.
Fry eggs sunny side up until nearly set, then break the yolk and cook for 1 minute.
Flip egg and add a dash of pepper. Continue to cook until the egg is fully coagulated.
To serve: Top egg with chili and throw some cheese over the chili.

Chili topped omelet

Chili topped omelet

That a girl Sarah!

That a girl Sarah!

Tasting notes:

Universally well received and easy to make, this recipe is a keeper. The salsa formed a nice base for the chili while the chili powder and garlic salt leant strong and effective support. The chili added some pizzazz to the eggs without trumping the wholesome egg flavor. Definitely will be making this again. On the topic of making something again, in recognition of Canada’s double hockey gold, I will making a second (and substantially tweaked) chili poutine on Friday. Congratulations Canada, you earned it. Now, if you are all very nice neighbors, maybe I’ll even spring for a box of KD and chil-dulterate it.

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