Chicago Dog Chili- Day 47

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I posit that chili-fication is further profound. I love Chicago style hot dogs. I really want to do this one well. My attention to detail, however, isn’t always what it should be. Case in point- I have been a fan of the local sports team for a long time. It was today that I first noticed that the mascot isn’t wearing any pants. For over two decades I have labored under the blind delusion trousers were part of the uniform. No dice. Folks, for the good of your country, for the good of your sanity, at your next sports outing, draw a deep breath, blink hard, and adjust your gaze downward, to check the attire.
1 pound hot dogs (I ponied up for hickory smoked turkey hot dogs, but any will do)
1 ½ C vegetable juice
1T chili powder
2t dried minced onion
1t cumin
Cut up the hot dogs and add to the pot with the remaining ingredients.
Simmer 45 minutes on low.

Serve on homemade white bread.
Top with:
Diced white onion
Pickle relish
Fresh tomato
Sport pepper
Yellow mustard
Celery salt.

Oh, you'll be seeing this new-fangled "half bundt" white bread in your sleep tonight.

Oh, you’ll be seeing this new-fangled “half bundt” white bread in your sleep tonight.

The garden

The garden

Chicago Dog Chili

Chicago Dog Chili

Tasting notes:
The beauty of the recipe is that the toppings are modular. Some of the guest ITP don’t like onions, no problem. One of the junior members of the ITP was once viciously mauled by a sport pepper. No problem, we issued a restraining order on the pickled garnish and excluded it from said panel member’s portion. Everyone enjoyed this chili. It was fun to spoon up your chili and “drag it through the garden” as the folks in Chi-town say. Being a Chicago Dog junky, I loved this one. I contend the chili-hot dog 1-2 punch is a worthy of the additional effort and certainly merits another look, even if it is merely to see how it is attired.

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5 Responses to Chicago Dog Chili- Day 47

  1. Lynn & Dick Pluim says:

    (Your local mascot) doesn’t wear pants?

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Chas. says:

    Does the mascot wear a belt? Whether it holds up a pair of trousers or not, a belt is the ultimate survivor’s tool. Plus it’s such a dynamic accessory. I love lamp.

  3. spasture says:

    By golly, I was so flummoxed by the “no pants” thing that I didn’t think to look for a belt. While belts are dynamic indeed, truth be told, I have strong reservations with regard to gazing at mascot groins. This is especially the case in light of last night’s startling findings.

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