Valentine Chili with Pig Heart- Day 46

It had been awhile since we had ordered a whole hog from the hyper-loquacious self-obsessed dullard we called Farmer Dennis. Old Denny would could numb like Novocain as he spoke for hours (in 15 minute loops) on how he could change the trajectory of the earth’s climate. As it turns out, we hadn’t ordered a hog in 7 ½ years, as the label on the pork heart indicated. Well, I guess it was high time I made it into a heart-y chili (te-he). Funny, as I was chopping up the heart, this song looped in my reeling brain: . If you are one of those who live in mortal terror of being Rick Rolled a) I’m with you. Rot in hell, Astley. b) The song I refer to is, in fact, “All out of Love” by Air Supply. Rot in hell, Air Supply.
Neuroscience may offer insight as to why our minds endlessly replay tragic events, but neuroscience should know better than to take me back to the overly dramatic Valentine’s Days of my early teen years.
On the topic of early teens, 13 year olds have interesting questions in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day. For example, “Dad, what are you doing walking around the house with a bloody heart in your hand?”
“Heading to the bathroom son. It has the only decent light in the house, and I need a picture of this bad boy.”
“Dad, has Valentine’s Day lost its meaning?”
“Of course not, son. Romance is alive and well. February 14th will forever remain a precious and pure holiday. That is, until some smart fella figures out a way to money on this whole Valentine’s Day thing.”

Cough, Cough.

Start with:
11oz pork heart (I suspect this isn’t the whole pig heart. Either Deranged Dennis was holding out on us OR our freezer is a porcine-meat portal to Narnia.)

Remove all the chewy bits from the pork heart then slice into smaller bits.

Prepare marinade:
1T chili powder
½ t Black pepper
2 cloves garlic, minced
2T fish sauce
2T soy sauce
1 T sugar
1T lime juice
1 t Sriracha

Mix the marinade and add it to the pork heart in a container with lid.
Marinade 24 hours in a refrigerator.

Place pork heart and marinade in a slow cooker.
1 ½ C crushed tomato.
Cook on low for 20 hours.
Serve to someone you love, or, at least tolerate.

Didn't land in Narnia.

Didn’t land in Narnia.

Valentine Chili with Pig Heart

Valentine Chili with Pig Heart

Tasting notes.
I wasn’t a fan of the chili. Who would have guessed that pork heart meat was so rich? Could it be attributed to its high density of mitochondria? Neuroscientists and mitochondriacs- care to weigh in?
Some of the ITP balked on the pork heart chili, citing the “magical week during which we had a real-live pig living in our [tiny] house.” Okay, point taken, however, Lola’s temporary stay in the “cozy” confines of our kitchen seems to have done nothing to diminish the ITP’s rabid lust for bacon.
On the topic of lust, last night as I climbed into bed, dog tired and wanting nothing more than a few hours of shut-eye, Mrs. Chili365 sighed and, in her trademarked mixture of resign and indignation remarked “Uggggh, you smell like chili!” Yessir, romance IS alive and well.

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