Creamy Chili Gravy and Biscuits- Day 45

What do you call someone who cooks chili in their pajamas at 4:30 in the afternoon while drinking beer? A bodhisattva. Alright, alright, without passing through any of the ten grounds to enlightenment, bodhisattva is a Herculean stretch. Let’s just call me happy. Happy is good, attainable, and subjective. I’ll take it. Tonight I’m back at this chili gravy thing. Having announced this, I was surprised when each member of the ITP individually took me aside and demanded unconditional assurance that this gravy would taste nothing like that from January 5th, the chili pork gravy. I accept their forcefully tacit critique, but c’mon, bad gravy isn’t emotionally scarring, let’s chillax on the guilt trippin’.

½ lb ground pork sausage
2T butter
2T flour
2t chili powder
1t habanero sauce
1 coarsely ground mustard
1C half and half

Brown sausage in a pan and drain off fat.
Set cooked sausage aside.
In the pan, melt butter then add flour, chili powder, hot sauce, and mustard.
Stir constantly until a thick paste is formed.
Add half and half and cooked sausage.
Heat and stir until thick.

Make them according to Jiffy Complete package directions.
Serve gravy over biscuits.

Chili biscuits and gravy

Chili biscuits and gravy

Tasting notes:
A tripartite triumph 1) it tasted really good 2) I redeemed myself in the eyes of the ITP 3) watching the youngest ITP’s post-taste test antics was delightful. The strategy of fanning one’s tongue with both hands while running in circles chanting “hot, hot, hot” may be a good way to force semantic satiation, but it unlikely to sooth capsaicin-induced burn. Good thing she finally located the faucet. If you’d like to tone down the spice, take out the habanero sauce or substitute for something milder.

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