Mild Taco Chili-Day 44

Another potluck. Compulsory schooling has its advantages. A quality education affords the children opportunities that go well beyond the perks offered by their ITP indentured servitude (e.g. free chili, the opportunity to help with dishes, lower abdominal bloating). From my standpoint, nothing beats a “free” babysitter. Public education, therefore, works for all of us. Tonight the school hosted a pot luck. No doubt I was bringing chili. Further, there was no question that the ITP was intent on blatantly disobeying my orders and eating non-chili foods. Turnabout IS fair play. Maybe I’ll subjugate a new Involuntary Tasting Panel. That chubby first grader from room 113 looks like he could put away his share of chili.

1 pound ground beef
1 T chili powder
1 t garlic powder
1 t cumin
1T minced onion
½ package of taco seasoning (about 18 grams)
1C sliced black olives
2C crushed tomato
1C vegetable juice
1 can light kidney beans (drained)

Brown ground beef and drain
Add chili powder
Garlic powder, minced onions, cumin, and taco seasoning and cook over low heat for 5 minutes.
Add remaining ingredients and simmer on low for 30 minutes.

Mild taco chili

Mild taco chili

Tasting notes:
Don’t worry, I had no need to shackle any new ITP and drag them back to casa de chili. The ITP ate the chili and liked it. They also appeared to eat quite a bit of dessert. Dessert will have its send up, I guarantee. I thought the chili was nice and balanced- well tuned for a pot luck crowd, as it was firm and satisfying without any trace of burn.
I am ever aware of outdoor conditions. Tonight, I had gone for my run prior to the potluck and the root beer I was carrying froze in its small vessel inside of my running fleece. Yeah, it was cold. As such, as I was leaving the pot luck I offered the last of my mild taco chili to a late-arriving patron, telling him “this will warm you up.”
After thanking me he offered, “Well if the chili doesn’t work, the brandy sure will help.” Too bad he was too old to adopt.

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