Chili Grilled Cheese-Day 43

I sat pensively drumming my fingers creating a rapid monotonous drone. My body, a coil of taut muscles, awaiting sensory stimuli, aching to hurl into dispatch. Nothing. Not a whine, nor whimper, nor interrogative glance. Letdown. Astonishingly, I was almost disappointed the ITP hadn’t called me on the carpet for this one. In what I had anticipated would be a desecration in the eyes of the Panel, the grilled cheese sandwiches were immodestly daubed with chili. I had failed at provocation and instead succeeded in sating the juvenile palate- all in one stroke. (In the interest of accuracy, it was several strokes of the totally awesome Orka silicone basting brush. Get one and you’ll live forever happy.) Ahem, volunteer product endorsements aside, since regaining some traction with the ITP late last week, I fear I may be growing cocky.
Here’s what you’ll need:
Olive oil
Cheese (we each have our favorites- I used aged provolone. ITP members chose munster, or cheddar, or mozzarella)
4 T butter
1/3 t garlic powder (yep, we have two 1/3 teaspoons. Who actually uses this measure?)
1/3 t cumin (oops, I did it again)
2 t chili powder

Here’s what to do:
In a coffee mug, microwave butter, and seasonings.
Mix well and allow the butter to nearly solidify. This is won’t take long if you live somewhere that feels like the North Pole. (It was -18 F this morning.)
Next use the kick-ass Orka brush to brush one side of each piece of bread. Use a spoon to spread the chili sauce on the other side of the bread. Good luck keeping your fingers clean and lipid free.
Arrange sandwiches on an oiled griddle such that the olive-oiled side of the pieces of bread is facing out, the chili side is on the inside, and the cheese lies lovingly nestled between the chili-ed bread.
Fry until done.
Serve with tomato soup, peas and pickles.

Chili grilled cheese

Chili grilled cheese

Tasting notes:
The sandwiches were great. I liked how the aged provolone and chili sauce played off each other like two well-acquainted lovers at a private beach. The ITP ate their sandwiches and did not glare at me. No resentment was inferred and we had a nice meal. Snipers work best with the element of surprise on their side. With this in mind, it will be awhile before I pick off another of the ITP’s favorite meals. No sense in becoming too arrogant, we’re only 1/8 complete.

Week 7 in review.
1 beef
1 beef/hot dog
1 sausage/seafood
2 chicken
1 fish
1 cheese

Of note this week:
The chili pot had a two day reprieve. Hopefully it will send a nice post card. In sad news, we had a chili bowl die. Week 6 was far better than 5. The jambalaya chili is one to behold. The chicken and fish chilis were also great. Also of note, we had dumpling chili, and two “sandwich-style” chilis. Stay tuned for a special Valentine’s chili and February’s chili poll. If you hadn’t voted in January’s poll, there’s still time. Exercise your civic duty and be counted.

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One Response to Chili Grilled Cheese-Day 43

  1. Pluim says:

    These sandwiches do look yummy

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