Shredded Chicken Chili – Day 40

February 8th

Chili as a performance enhancer again steps (or runs) into the spotlight. Today, in snow and 10 F weather, I dropped 30.2 seconds from my previous 5K best. I have eaten chili 2-3 times a day for 40 straight days. The chili diet is something Runner’s World should explore…. Is this thing on?

With the Gregorian calendar falling out of favor on our Castle Rock, day 40 brings us to chicken chili. The backyard chickens remain safe, though in a tenuous position, having not lain eggs in a few months. The saving grace for these hens being their ability to tolerate, without complaint nor condemning glance, the Cheese Biscuit Chili from the other night. Good on ya, ladies. Yeah, I’ll tell both Golding and Daltrey that the (girls) are alright.


3 whole chicken breasts (about 2-2.5lb) coated with salt and pepper (and chili powder)
Fry over low heat in a pot, until cooked through

Remove breasts from pot, but keep fat.
Add to the fat:
2/3 C celery, diced
2/3 C carrots, diced
1 C poblano pepper, diced
3 T chili powder
1 t garlic powder
1 t cumin, ground
1 t Mexican oregano
1 t Penzey’s Northwood seasoning

Simmer for 20 minutes
1 ½ C diced tomato
1 14 oz can pinto beans (drained)
2 C chicken broth
½ C uncooked Jasmine rice
½ C vegetable Juice

Simmer for 45 minutes
Shred Chicken, removing skin and bones.
Add meat to the pot and simmer 20 min.
Serve to Canadians

Shredded Chicken Chili

Shredded Chicken Chili

Tasting notes:
The chili was thick and satisfying with substantial spice presence. That is to say, this was enjoyable without becoming overbearing. The recipe yielded a chili easily enjoyable by fork or by spoon. The shredded chicken (hey the girls in our backyard can’t read, right?) anchored a stew that demanded attention. On hand today were additional guest ITP, Canadians. Thankfully, I was not asked to explain the chili poutine, as the Nordiques were perfectly content with today’s chewy, soul-warming offering. The praise for today’s offering was near-effusive, which, if you know Canadians, is down-right boisterous exultation.

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