Superbowl Chili Rabbit Wings

A) I should have put forth the effort and captured a real groundhog yesterday. I fear my sloth has damned us to a perpetual frozen hell.

B) The superbowl has become the ultimate family holiday. We’ll crowd around the television and overeat and enjoy a cold beverage or two. What better way to celebrate the big game than with wings. Chili Rabbit Wings, to be precise. Because we will be eating a colossal variety of appetizers this evening, I scaled my recipe down. If you are hungry, scale the recipe accordingly. If you have no rabbit on hand, use chicken wings instead. Just don’t tell my hens, they’ll get upset and slash your tires or spike your lemonade with Ex-Lax. Vengeful little critters, they are.

12 oz rabbit, cut into small chunks
1T peanut oil
2t chili powder
½ t celery salt
½ t garlic powder
½ C flour

Mix seasonings with flour.
Coat rabbit with peanut oil and then coat the coated rabbit with seasoning/flour mix (this isn’t Alice in Wonderland. Is this Alice in Wonderland?)
Bake at 425Ffor 35 minutes, turning once.

2T butter
1T balsamic vinegar
1 t New Mexican pepper powder
1 t chili powder
½ t soy sauce
1T Crystal brand hot sauce
Mix sauce ingredients and cook in a sauce pan.
Mix baked rabbit wings with sauce and serve

Chili Rabbit Wings

Chili Rabbit Wings

Tasting notes- The ITp’s reactions ranged from “this is okay” to “Umm, this is really good.” One member of the panel suggested using white or cider vinegar in place of the balsamic. I agree, balsamic may be a bit of a reach here.
My take- this was really good. The rabbit meat is essentially like chicken dark meat but more dense and substantial. It lends well to this sort of “wing recipe”. For my taste, these could have been far hotter. Perhaps a hotter sauce (in place of Crystal) or maybe adding cayenne to the sauce would have achieved mas picante.
I’ll be cracking a can of Surly’s Furious in a moment (yay, thanks generous co-worker). Enjoy the game.

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