Chili365 January summary

Chili 365- Final Report for January

Leading the year off with January was an outstanding idea, though I suspect we really had no choice.   There are 11 months remaining in this experiment with one month in the books.

Everyone loves tournaments.  With this in mind, the ITP set up brackets during their daily debriefing. Here’s what came out, amid the rolling smoke of Cuban cigars and the odor of expensive Cognac:

January chili tourney

January chili tourney

(click to enlarge)
Looks like the grilled chili rubbed steak (January 11th) takes this month’s crown.  Damn shame that the Elk pie chili had a tough first round opponent (blame the selection committee).

Individually- the favorites were as follows:

Panel Member 1= Sweet sour sausage chili, foundation chili, Chili poutine

Panel Member 2= Chili Rubbed Steak Chili, MacRib Chili

Panel Member 3= Cheeseburger Chili, Crab Sauce Chili

Panel Member 4= Chili Rubbed steak, Crab Sauce chili

Me= (in no specific order) Foundation chili, elk pie chili, Macrib chili, sweet sour sausage chili, cheeseburger chili, chili poutine.  Many more were excellent.  I needed to limit this somehow.

The worst chilis were 1) chili gravy (the only that got tossed) 2) venison bourbon (ex-girlfriend) chili.  My struggles to rid myself of this harlot were well documented.

Trending this month:

Chili- at least once a day.

Typing- I failed the subject in high school.

Leftovers- Any guess on who eats them?

Chili powder- In every recipe.

Crock pot- used in over 1/3 of the chili making.

Washing dishes- I have never washed so many.

Spoon/bowl shortages- expected, I guess.

Heart burn- ‘’                                                     “

Cool readers- Hey thanks for tuning in.  Your encouragement keeps the chili ship afloat.  Keep writing and commenting.  Sing the chili praises to you friends.

Do you have a favorite dish you’d like beatified (in the secular, chili sense)?  Email me.

Look for the post for tonight’s chili later this evening…

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3 Responses to Chili365 January summary

  1. Chas. says:

    I’d love to see a “Chilly Chili.” Blame it on the perpetual cold fronts (drink) sweeping across the Midwest. Also, would it inconvenience you to attempt a Chili Dip?

    • spasture says:

      Your contention that I need to design a chili to knock the chill out our bones is spot on. Consider it done. Chili dip is another excellent idea. I’m there.

  2. spasture says:

    You may have noticed that the Chili Poutine was not included in the tournament field. A tragic oversight for certain. I blame my forgetfulness on the coma induced by the rich, savory goodness of the poutine. My hunch is that poutine likely would have stormed the field.

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