January 27th- Venison Bourbon Chili

Chili is a dish that is versatile, modular, and can include a vast number of ingredients (at times simultaneously.) I had some initial misgivings about simply tossing a large number of disparate ingredients into a crock pot and hoping a delicious chili would take form. The Cubano Chili (January 17th) had many different elements, but I had actively monitored that chili, adding ingredients as needed, gently guiding the chili process. Today’s venison bourbon chili received no such guidance- akin to a toddler with a stack of Baby Einstein VHS tapes. Metaphorically, this is a latch-key chili. Thus is the conundrum of slow cooker chili, sure it is convenient, but the lack of supervision sometimes results in a wayward dish. I had my fingers crossed for today’s offering.

3 C of broth from January 25th MacRib recipe
4 cloves of garlic, coarsely chopped
1 C zucchini, diced
1 C poblano, chopped
1 t Worchestershire sauce
1 t Sriracha sauce
1 T cocoa powder
1 T sugar
1 T bourbon
1 T chili powder
1 pound of ground venison
• Note, it is okay to cook the venison in the slow cooker from the raw state, as venison has very little fat
Cook on low for 9 hours
Initial tasting notes. (I tried a small bowl at 6am):
Yikes! It looks like baby’s growing up thin, bitter, and entirely lacking in social grace (I blame cheap bourbon). Instead of allowing this chili to become like many of my ex-girlfriends, I decided to intervene.
¼ C flour
8 oz of refried beans
¼ C BBQ sauce
(Note- if you have a bitter ex-girlfriend, adding refried beans and BBQ sauce won’t help. It only works with chili).
Heat on high 30 minutes.

Venison Bourbon Chili- Before

Venison Bourbon Chili- Before

Venison Bourbon chili- After

Venison Bourbon chili- After

Further tasting notes.
I thought this chili was ok, but no one else liked it (again, not unlike the ex-girlfriends). The additional ingredients did seem to help (the chili). Serving the chili over spaghetti noodles and topping it with cheddar cheese and raw onions also helped. Despite the fact that I ate 3 bowls of this chili, it appeared that I had not at all perceivably emptied the pot. Looks like this one may be hard to get rid of*.

*Yep, the parallels to ex-girlfriends are uncanny.

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