January 23rd- Chili Poutine

Each sovereign nation has its signature dish.  For the United States, it is cheeseburgers; for Italy, pizza fries; and for your enormous former gym teacher, bloody Marys.  Painstakingly, these have been chili-fied- on January 13th, 12th, and 20th, respectively.  We now turn to Canada.  Oh Canada.  The most fetching dish to come out of Canada (aside from Mrs. Chili365, of course) is poutine.  Canada’s cuisine de la mode consists of French fries, topped with cheese curds, topped with gravy.  Any attempts to improve this culinary delight will be fraught with grave peril.  You see, the Canadian regime has a long and brutal history of extreme and excessive violence when it comes to quelling recipe-related uprisings.  Bluntly- they make Joseph Stalin look like Donald Duck.

Here it is ‘eh:

1 C canned pinto beans

1 C vegetable juice

1 t minced dried onion

1 T chili powder

2 pounds of frozen French fries

¾ pound cheese curds

Mix beans, vegetable juice, dried onion, and chili powder in slow cooker- cook on low 8 hours.

Coarsely mash the beans with a potato masher.

Prepare fries according to package directions.

To serve, place fries on a plate, top with curds, top with chili- just as nature intended.

Chili poutine.  (Not) From Canada

Chili poutine. (Not) From Canada

Tasting notes.

Yes, it tastes as good as it sounds, better perhaps.   The ITP ate it without asking any leading or otherwise confusing questions.   I’d love to make this again soon. If you are prescient, however, you’ll see that after last night’s creamy crab chili and tonight’s chili poutine my arteries will soon be closing for good.   Maybe it is time for something more health conscious.  Parenthetically, I get the sense chili poutine would make a popular carnival food.  Just don’t tell Canada.   For my part, I will be powering down now, drawing the curtains, and turning off the lights.  If Canada stops by, just tell them I’m not home.

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