January 21st- Bacon Mushroom Breakfast Chili

One often can speak great volumes of an adversary.  The general monologue follows a pattern that tends antipathetic.   Rather than trod that well-worn path, I’ll say that an adversary is virtuous, as an adversary forces preparedness.  Many have an adversarial relationship with sub-zero weather.  While no one enjoys numb fingers, chapped lips, and frozen running shoes, it does force preparedness.  Preparation can take on many forms, well beyond the scope of this chili blog, but one thing is certain-   Preparedness starts with breakfast- a chili breakfast.    The recipe humbly submitted below is the second of the breakfast chili iteration.  The stakes are different this time, as we have no Star Wars pajama clad, sleep deprived house guests on hand to judge this creation.  Cooking solely for the ITP in this instance, I felt no less urgency.  You see, the ITP, while technically related to me, can be radically critical in the early mornings.

½ pound ground beef

1 T chili powder

½ t garlic salt

1 C chopped mushroom

½ C tomato sauce

½ C pinto beans

6 slices of precooked bacon, diced

Brown meat, drain fat.

Add chili powder, garlic salt, mushrooms, and tomato sauce.  Simmer for 20 minutes.

Add beans and simmer for 5 minutes

Add bacon and simmer until heated through.

Serve over scrambled eggs.

Bacon, and Muchroom, and Chili- The only way to begin the day.

Bacon, and Muchroom, and Chili- The only way to begin the day.

Tasting notes:

This was a hit.  The chili fortified on a day when we needed the extra fuel.   The initial (January 3rd) chili breakfast was good, but I wanted to dial back the heat and take out some of the tomato sauce.  This chili addressed those issues and raised the bar a notch by calling upon the umamic synergism between mushroom and bacon.  Only one voice of dissent was heard over the wave of praise.  “Too much meat”.    I couldn’t agree less.  I am certain that the amount of meat was at least adequate to meet the challenge of our cold-weather adversary.  As I am always one to prepare, I scored the coveted chili hat trick today- Breakfast (Bacon Mushroom Chili), Lunch (Spicy Chili Pizza Fries), and dinner (Cubano Chili).  Bring it on, Artic freeze.

Three weeks in.  Let’s recap this week’s main ingredient:

2 pork

2 sausage

1 ground beef

1 vegetable

1 chicken

Things I learned this week:  bacon is great in chili, ground arbol peppers are hot, 22 ingredients together make a good chili, I can grill out in near zero weather and still smile (at the moment my lower jaw thaws).

Best of the week: They all were worthy of merit, but I’ll give the edge to the bacon mushroom breakfast chili.

As three weeks have passed in the chili experiment, we have reached the critical “5.8% Complete Threshold”.  Passing this threshold insures the unqualified success of any long-term chili related study.  Ah, success.  Here’s to 344 more chili recipes.

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