January 20th- Spicy Chili Cheese Pizza Fries

A great food gives reason to be happy.  Pizza day is a universal reason to smile.  Fries can turn any frown upside down.  With pizza fries, we spontaneously find reason to experience unabashed joy.  Add a little chili, and ecstasy is well within your reach.  Without any further hyperbole:

1 bag Betty Crocker pizza dough

½ pound ground beef

1 T chili powder

1 t garlic powder

1 t ground arbol pepper (optional- see tasting notes)

1 t Mexican oregano

½ C tomato sauce

2 T finely chopped red onions

1 C shredded mozzarella chees

Brown ground beef, drain off fat.

Add spices and simmer 5 minutes.

Add tomato sauce and simmer on very low for 30 minutes.

Allow chili mix to cool.

Prepare dough per package directions.

Top dough with chili, red onions, and cheese

Bake at 425 on bottom rack of the oven- 14 minutes.

Serve with almond milk and sliced tomatoes.

Spicy chili pizza fries

Spicy chili pizza fries

Tasting notes- Eyes watered, noses ran, and gulps of milk were hastily taken.   I hadn’t realized the arbol powder would have given the fries an incredibly spicy kick.  The ITP enjoyed the spicy chili cheese pizza fries- in vanishingly small quantities.  It was too hot for them.  I lament the fact that they are missing out. This chili would have been a homerun, had the spiciness not steered it just west of the foul pole.  For my part, I ate 3 servings.  As a consequence, my head is continuing to perspire.  I’ll happy finish the remaining fries later  tonight, then cower as I await the consequences which will surely follow, sometime tomorrow.

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