January 19th- Winter Chili Marinade- (pork)

Chili, probably more than any other type of cuisine, is about opportunity.  Today’s opportunity presents as above zero weather.  Warm weather brings out the best of life- a sledding party, homebrew, backyard baseball with the ITP (yes, really), and a fired-up charcoal grill- laden with chili chops.  Life is good.  The versatile chili marinade detailed in the following recipe will handsomely envelope any cut of meat.  Tonight, we had pork on hand, or rather, over the coals.

Chili Marinade Recipe:

2T fish sauce

2T soy sauce

1t sugar

1T diced fresh jalapeno

1/2T chili powder

2T diced red onion

Coat 6 boneless pork chops (or equivalent) with marinade.  Marinate for 8 hours, shaking occasionally.  Grill on high heat.

Serve with macaroni and sautéed green beans.

Winter grilling.  Chili Marinade.  Love over coals

Winter grilling. Chili Marinade. Love over coals

Tasting notes:  The flavor of this marinade was exceptionally full, without becoming obtrusive.   Indeed, it is a rare occasion that ITP says nothing (yay), just eats quickly, pausing only to draw a quick breath- then fork to mouth, fork to mouth.

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