January 14th-Little Sausage Chili (sausage/ground beef)

Recently a colleague likened my daughter and her rambunctious friends to a bunch of salchichas.  The amusement of the parallel drawn between spicy little sausages and my daughter and her cohorts was not lost on me, nor was the muse.  I present my version of salchicha chili.

½ pound ground beef- cooked and drained

½ pound spicy little hot dogs or salchichas

1 C canned diced tomato

1 ½ T chili powder

¼ C prepared yellow mustard

½ t crushed red pepper

½ t cumin

2 T cocktail sauce

1 C chopped white onion

Add ingredients to slow cooker and cook on low 10 hours

Serve with corn bread.


Tasting notes:  Any good will I had established with the ITP quickly evaporated this evening.  While the previous four chili dishes had the panel heaping on glowing praise, this dish was scarcely touched.  I thought it was pretty good.  I am enjoying prepared mustard as a chili ingredient.  The Achilles heel of this dish may have been the spicy little hot dogs. The little pink devils seemed inappropriately spiced, with an unnecessary bite. That said, in the context of the entire dish, said bite was scarcely noticeable.   Once again the old adage proves true- in chili, as in life, when you have good sausage, everyone enjoys it more.

Week 2 is in the books:

3 ground beef

1 sausage

1 beef (steak)

1 cheese

1 fish

New this week:  fish, cheese, grilling, mustard.   On the left-over front- we had very little in the way of leftovers this week.  A small amount of chili gravy from last week remained.  I had to toss it.  Consensus is that it was the least favorite recipe to data.  The favorite?  Cheeseburger chili with steak and catfish close behind.  With daily chili for the next 50 weeks, I am feeling vaguely nervous with regards to our prospects of completing the year intact.  Stay tuned.

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