January 13th- Cheese Burger Chili (ground beef)

Administrative note-  In order to round out the Bloody Mary Chili experience (sans the boozy haze) a fetching photo is now included in yesterday’s post.

On January 2nd the ITP and I enjoyed our chili burgers.   I was not successful in combining chili and a hamburger and creating a burger that tasted like chili.    Certainly there was delicious chili taste, but no burger.  It was more something new, akin to a Sloppy Joe.  I remain undaunted, as examples of this sort of de novo synthesis abound.  Yellow and blue make green.  A horse and a donkey make a mule.  I get it. Wisely, the ITP talked me out of making chili verde con mula and I instead set out to create a dish that possesses a chili consistency and strong notes of cheeseburger flavor.   I labored thinking about proportions for ingredients such as ketchup and mustard.  Ultimately, I decided to use portions such as I would on a true cheeseburger.

1 pound ground beef

1/3 C ketchup

1/3 C mustard

1T dried onion

2T chili powder

1/2t celery salt

1C tomato juice

1C chopped onions, sautéed

1C chopped pickles

20 oz shredded hashbrowns

1C shredded cheese.

Brown meat and drain fat.

Add browned meat, ketchup, mustard, dried onion, chili powder, celery salt, and tomato juice to slow cooker and cook on low for 10 hours.

Serve chili over hashbrowns, topped with cheese, sautéed onions, and pickles.


Tasting notes:

No leftovers.  Definitely a success both with consistency and taste.  Of note, today the junior members of the ITP, entirely unprompted by me, assigned scores to the chili (1-10, 10 being the best).  I am pleased to say that I fared as well as would a Soviet figure skater with Eastern Bloc judges: 9.7, 9.5, 10.5.

Ochen’ khorosho comrade’!

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