January 10th- TriChili Catfish

A good friend of mine has a father who is quite a talented story teller. One of my favorites centers on a bullhead (catfish) eating mayonnaise.  Admittedly, I never really understood the story’s message- whether it was an idea for a new type of aquaculture or an allusion only truly appreciated by the enlightened few.  Regardless, with a pleasant turn in the weather perhaps a turn in phrase is order.  We’ll eat catfish with mayonnaise.  It will be chili style, naturally.

Rarely will simultaneously serving three masters produce desirable results.  I was hesitant to test the waters with a chili recipe that combined elements of ceviche, oven frying, and mayonnaise.   What follows is no fish story but a tripartite chili adventure which samples from the cuisines of Peru, Mississippi, and France.    How many dishes can boast that accomplishment?

A note regarding ingredients.  The chili marinade and chili remoulade where prepared in sufficient quantity.  I, however, had just barely enough cornflakes to make the chili breading.  It appears that some members of the ITP are covertly consuming non-chili related foodstuffs or NCRF (in this case breakfast cereal) while I’m away.

1 pound catfish filets


½ C tomato juice

¼ c lime juice

½ T chili powder

1 clove garlic, minced


1 C cornflakes crushed

½ T chili powder

½ T garlic pepper seasoning

½ t ginger powder

Chili Remoulade Sauce:

½ C mayonnaise

¼ t Sriracha sauce

½ T chili powder

½ T sweet pickle relish

1 t fish sauce

Mix marinade ingredients and pour over fish filets.

Marinade 30 minutes, turning fish frequently.

Mix breading ingredients and, in a shallow bowl, coat fish filets with breading.

*Note* in working with the first piece of fish, I dipped the marinated fish in milk and then proceeded to coat it with breading.  I was bummed when I saw the tasty marinate washed out of the fish and into the milk.  I opted to skip the milk step for the remaining pieces.

Baked coated fish filets at 425 F until they are done (25 minutes or more).  I feel that it is hard to overcook catfish but it is easy to undercook.

While fish is baking, mix up the chili remoulade sauce.

Serve fish with chili remoulade sauce on the side.

Tasting notes.  It disappeared so quickly that we will be certain to make it again.  Admittedly, dinner was later this evening.  It could be that I need only to starve the IPT a bit in order to get them to finish their chili. The rate at which the meal was consumed prohibited me from photographing the finished product.   We are left only with fond memories and this image- the remains of the chili remoulade sauce (which proved an excellent complement to rice and hash browns).


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2 Responses to January 10th- TriChili Catfish

  1. Andy says:

    The IPT may not have found this as appetizing had they been encumbered with the imagery that haunts me.

    • spasture says:

      You’re telling me? Years ago I would love catching and cleaning catfish. Now I am forced to purchase catfish nuggets, as I fear I will never again be able to look one in the eye.

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