January 7th- Porter Cocoa Pork Chili (Pork)

It has been said that when you have a neighbor who brews a great porter, you’re living right, and in the right neighborhood.   I wholly agree, with one exception as it pertains to location.  January weather can be harsh in these parts.  This is evidenced by the fact that it was all I could do to keep my eyes from freezing shut during today’s (2) runs.   As a tribute to great neighbors and as talisman against crazy artic temperatures, I hatched this recipe.

1 C porter

1T cocoa powder

1T molasses

2 dried pasilla chiles, seeded and finely sliced

1 t hot sauce (we used a fairly mild Cajun habanero)

½ C tomato sauce

¼ C ketchup

1T minced dried onion

1T chili powder

1 T brown sugar

¾ pound cooked pork steak, cubed

½ pound sliced fresh mushrooms.


Adjectives used by the tasting panel (nee my family) included: sweet, smoky and boozy.  What’s not to love?

Week One in Review:

2 ground beef

1 sausage

3 pork

1 vegetable

This feels like a nice start with some classic “stew style” chili teaming up with some less traditional “sandwich” and “gravy” chili.    As it turns out, the chili stir fry sauce complements popcorn better than it complements ice cream.   Who would have guessed?    Looks like the consensus favorite was the foundation chili with the pulled pork chili and the porter chili not far behind.  I haven’t experienced any tragic chili missteps to this point, but with 358 original recipes to follow, there may be an ugly duckling or two.

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