January 5th- Chili Gravy (pork)

Lunch break today found me out and running.  The wind chill, registering an attention grabbing 12 below zero, was barely noticeable, that is until I hit the lakeshore.  By the time I returned to my building, I had lost feeling in my nose and, consequently, my sense of smell.  Part of me is convinced this turn of events may be advantageous, as day by day the bowls of chili begin to pile up.    Anyhow, as I reached the lunch room I was glad to have a hot Chili Burger (from January 2nd) waiting to warm the four senses of which I still had command.    In other leftover news, breakfast chili and pulled pork chili still grace spaces in my refrigerator.  I already sense that the kids are beginning to tire of this exercise.  Hopefully, I will not wear their patience thin too early.  We have a great year ahead.  Let’s push forward to today’s offering.

Last night I had the foresight to save some of the pork drippings from the crock pot.  This, in addition to a handful of mangled potato chips, would serve as the basis for the chili gravy that I planned to partner with homemade whole wheat biscuits.  This isn’t health food.  When the mercury heads south of zero, it is time to make something featuring pork drippings and potato chips.

½ C pork drippings

1 ½ C water

¼ C flour

½ C crushed salt and pepper potato chips

2 t chili powder

Whisk ingredients together in a slow cooker and cook on low many hours (I cooked for 16 hours).

I noticed that this was missing something.  I next added:

Another ½ C crushed salt and pepper potato chips

Another 2 t chili powder.

Cooked on high 45 minutes.

Jan 5

This tastes better.  Serve on biscuits.

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